In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the common pet peeves we as roleplayers encounter and how to avoid them! Or at the very least, make you aware of them so that you can avoid them.

A common pet peeve is that users don’t feel like their partners contribute to the roleplay. Whether it’s in discussion, or the roleplay itself. If you contact a partner, or a partner asks you for a roleplay, contribute! Discuss the roleplay with them. Tell them the pairing you want, any ideas you have, etc. Think of it being like an interview. Up until the first five posts, you’re writing like you’re interviewing for a job. Impress your partner with how interested in the roleplay you are. If you can’t think of anything to say besides ‘hey wanna rp’, I’ve got news for you! We have a tutorial called ‘Break the Ice’, and it’ll give you an idea of what that first message should look like. But yes, contribute, whether it’s talking to your partner, or to the roleplay.

Building off of that, one-liners! If you know you’re only capable of or interested in writing one-liners, that’s fine! But don’t contact a partner asking to roleplay if you see that they’re writing a paragraph or multiple paragraphs. It’s not fair to either of you. Your partner puts all of this work into their posts, and you give them a one-liner, it’s not exactly fair to either of you. Think of it this way. Your friend made this huge chocolate cake. You take ninety-five percent of the cake, leaving your friend five percent of the cake they made. If you don’t think that’s fair to your friend, why would you do the same to a roleplay partner?

Think of roleplaying as equivalent exchange. Equivalent exchange means you have to give equal to what you’re given. Pretty much, if you only want to write one line, find a partner who can do the same. Not because you’re both bad writers, but because that’s just how much you want to write. If you want a great partner, be a great partner!

Now, here comes the good stuff. The dreaded mary-sue/gary-stu stereotype. Along with one-liners, I’m pretty sure that this is one of the biggest pet peeves in existence. Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s a perfect damsel in distress either. If your character comes out looking like Bella swan, then you know your character has problems. Make your characters interesting! Give them a personality, make them short tempered, make them irritatingly dense but perceptive for other people. When you create a character, make them interesting, give them flaws, a personality, etc. Make them a character you would want to get to know if you ever met them in real life, or would want to run away from.

Just remember, it takes two hands to clap. Treat your partner as a human being, give them details, and be fair to each other.


Happy roleplaying!